Simple childcare benefits that employers love and employees use!

Empower your family workforce


days absentper year

Reduce Absenteeism

Parents on average miss 24 full and partial days of work per year due to childcare related issues


choose childcare over work

Increase Retention

57% of surveyed employees have indicated they would need to leave their job if they could not find a childcare solution


will not return to workuntil schools open

Maximize Productivity

17.5 million workers (11% of US workforce) will not return to work full time until schools and childcare fully reopen

“The childcare crisis is a solvable problem, and it takes a village. Business must be part of that solution.”

US Chamber Foundation

A risk-free benefit for employers

No annual contracts. Only pay for benefits that are used. Choose from flexible benefit programs that are suitable for any size organization  

Rollover credits

Unused childcare credits automatically rollover to the next month. No questions asked.

Subsidized care options

Set an amount per employee that can be used for back up, full-time or flex care.


Only pay for care that employees use. It’s risk-free for employers and avoids unnecessary spending.

Usage analytics and reporting

Continuously monitor and understand exactly how and when employees are using childcare benefits. 

Customizable options

Create unique childcare plans that work for your employees and increases engagement. 

Placement Guarantee

If we don’t have locations around your business with seats, we’ll recruit providers to our network to meet your needs.

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